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Anna Lucia Sobiech is a Lecturer at the Center for Macroeconomic Research, University of Cologne. Prior to joining the University of Cologne, she was an Associate Lecturer in Banking and Finance at the University of St Andrews.

Anna holds a BSc in Japanese and Management from SOAS and Birkbeck College, an MLitt in Finance and Management and a PhD in Banking and Finance from the University of St Andrews. She was awarded the Santander 600 Scholarship for her PhD.

Anna’s research and teaching interest include empirical financial intermediation, bank regulation, and corporate finance. Her research has appeared in the Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Financial Stability, Financial Accountability & Management and other leading journals in finance and management.

Selected Publications:

Chronopoulos, D. K., Johari, E. E. C., Scholtens, B., Sobiech, A. L., Wilson, J. O., & Yilmaz, M. H. (2023). Competition and Bank DividendsJournal of International Money and Finance, 102898.

Sobiech, A. L., Chronopoulos, D. K., and Wilson, J. O., 2021. The Real Effects of Bank Taxation: Evidence for Corporate Financing and InvestmentJournal of Corporate Finance, 101989.

Chronopoulos, D.K., Sobiech, A. L., ­and Wilson, J.O., 2021. Social Capital and the Business Models of Financial Cooperatives: Evidence from Japanese Shinkin Banks. Financial Accountability & Management.

McKillop, D., French, D., Quinn, B., Sobiech, A.L. and Wilson, J.O., 2020. Cooperative financial institutions: A review of the literature. International Review of Financial Analysis, p.101520.

Johari, E.E.C., Chronopoulos, D.K., Scholtens, B., Sobiech, A.L. and Wilson, J.O., 2020. Deposit insurance and bank dividend policy. Journal of Financial Stability48, p.100745.