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Prof. Dr. Sonja Settele

Research Focus

Behavioural Economics & Health Economics

Curriculum vitae

  • Since December 2023 Associate Professor of Labour Economics and Human Resource Management at the Universty of Cologne and ECONtribute
  • 2021 - 2022 Assistant Professor of Economics (tenure track) at the University of Copenhagen
  • 2019 - 2020 Postdoc in Economics at the University of Copenhagen
  • 2019 PhD in Economics at Geothe University Frankfurt

Selected publications

  • How Do Beliefs about the Gender Wage Gap Affect the Demand for Public Policy?, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Vol. 14(2), May 2022, pp. 475-508
  • Lives or Livelihoods? Perceived Trade-offs and Policy Views, with Cortnie Shupe, Economic Journal, Vol. 132(643), April 2022, pp. 1150–1178
  • Risk Exposure and Acquisition of Macroeconomic Information, with Chris Roth and Johannes Wohlfart, American Economic Review: Insights, Vol. 4(1), March 2022, pp. 34-53
  • Beliefs About Public Debt and the Demand for Government Spending, with Chris Roth and Johannes Wohlfart, Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 231(1), November 2022, pp. 165-187
  • Can cigarette taxes during pregnancy mitigate the intergenerational transmission of socioeconomic status? (with R. van Ewijk), Labour Economics, Vol. 55, December 2018, pp.130-148