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Research Focus

Intertemporal Equilibrium Theory, and Bubbles and Intergenerational Risk Sharing

Selected Publications

  • "Bubbly Markov Equilibria", with Marten Hillebrand, Economic Theory, vol. 66, Issue 3, pp. 627–679, 2018.
  • "The topology of information on the space of probability measures over Polish spaces", with Abhishek Gupta, Journal of Mathematical Economics, vol. 52, pp. 98-111, 2014.
  • "The Zilcha Criterion for Dynamic Inefficiency Reconsidered", with Ashok Kaul, Economic Theory, vol. 40, pp. 339-348, 2009.

  • "The Geometry of Optimal Taxation: A Primal Approach", with Claudia Hermeling, Economic Theory, vol. 39, pp. 129-155, 2009.

  • "On the Interaction between Risk Sharing and Capital Accumulation in a Stochastic OLG Model with Production", Journal of Economic Theory, with Marcus Hagedorn and Ashok Kaul, vol. 137, pp. 568-579, 2007.

  • "Non-Manipulable Domains for the Borda Count", with Clemens Puppe and Attila Tasnadi, Economic Theory, vol. 27, pp. 411-430, 2006.