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Curriculum Vitae

I hold a bachelor's and a master's degree in economics from University of Cologne and spent part of my studies at London School of Economics and Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Here is my CV.

Research Interests:

  • Labor Markets and Unemployment
  • Macro-Financial Linkages
  • Macroeconomics

Current Research:

"Collateral Constraints, Wage Rigidity, and Jobless Recoveries", Working Paper, Early version: "Financial Frictions, Wage Rigidity, and the Labor Market".

"A Joint Theory of Polarization and Deunionization", with Anna Hartmann, Working Paper.

"Collateral Constraints, Endogenous Separations, and the Beveridge Curve", Work in Progress.

"Are Union Terminations Efficient?", with Anna Hartmann, Work in Progress.

"The Union Wage Premium Puzzle", with Anna Hartmann, Work in Progress.