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Dates and information regarding Examination Inspections at CMR

You can find the dates for the CMR inspections here and on the website of the WiSo Examination Office

Inspections of individual exams are offered by the respective examiner in their office hours after prior notice. The inspection of the larger examinations is summarised in one or two central inspections. For the summer exams this will take place in November and December 2019 in the new interim offices in Cologne Zollstock (Köln Zollstock). You can find the exact dates here.

For the inspections on November 21st you have to register between the 30/10 and the 13/11/2019 on this Ilias-Page.

For the inspection on December 5th please register between the 11/10 and the 26/11/2019 on this Ilias-Page.

Please be sure to observe the rules regarding the inspection procedure.

Registration for inspection of the relevant exams is only possible via the links published and only within the specified period. It is the responsibility of the students to make these appointments. As a rule, you will not receive any additional e-mail. Please also refrain from making enquiries about early applications for inspection. 

Once the registration period has expired, no further access to the relevant exams can be requested. Applications for access to exams from previous semesters will not be considered.

A few days after the end of the registration period you will find the room and the time of the inspection on this page.