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Research Seminar

 CMR Research Seminar (1266)- Sommer 2013

 Wednesdays 4.00 - 5:30 pm, Room 710, WiSo-Hochhaus

Date Speaker Title
Apr 10 Fabian Waldinger, Warwick Bombs, Brains, and Science - The Role fo Human and Physical Capital for the Creation of Scientific Knowledge
Apr 17 fällt krankheitsbedingt aus  
Apr 24 Tom Krebs, Mannheim Optimal Taxation with Private Information and Risky Human Capital
May 8 Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr, Oxford Payment Choice in International Trade: Theory and Evidence from
Cross-country Firm Level Data 
May 15 Peter Funk, Köln Affluence, Activity, Apathy
May 29 Craig Brett, Mount Allison University Citizen Candidates and Voting Over Incentive-Compatible
Nonlinear Income Tax Schedules
June 5 Tilman Börgers, Michigan Robust Mechanism Design
June 12 Andrea Weber, Mannheim Nonparametric Evidence on the Effects of Financial Incentives
on Retirement Decisions
June 19 Jenny Simon; Stockholm Centralized Fiscal Spending by Supranational Unions
June 26 Thomas Dohmen, Bonn The Sensitivity of Mulitdimensional Sorting to Alternative
Menus of Incentive Contracts
July 3 Ferre De Graeve, Sveriges Riksbank Identifying Fiscal Inflation
July 10 Benjamin Lockwood, Warwick How Should Financial Intermediation Services be Taxed?
July 17 Thomas Mertens, New York University The Social Cost of Near-Rational Investment

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