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Center for Macroeconomic Research (CMR)
WiSo high-rise, 7. floor
E-Mail: office-cmr(at)
Fax:     +49 221 470-5033  

University of Cologne
Center for Macroeconomic Research (CMR)
D-50923 Cologne

Persons to contact

Ina Dinstühler
+49 221 470-5635

Erika Berthold
+49 221 470-5656

Diana Frangenberg
+49 221 470-7182

Sylvia Hoffmeyer
+49 221 470-4496


Legal notice

The web presence of the CMR is part of University of Cologne's websites.
University of Cologne's legal notice does apply.

Contact for CMR's arrangement of web presence: cmr-it(at)