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Schedule for Summer Term 2018

Mondays 12.00-13.00, Room 710, WiSo-Hochhaus

This is a seminar where doctoral students and faculty present work in progress.


09.04.2018no seminar
16.04.2018David GauthierCollateral Shocks
30.04.2018Felix BierbrauerTaxes and Turnout
07.05.2018Thorsten LouisValuation vs. Frontier Effects - The Consequences of Ignoring the Aggregation Problem
14.05.2018Raphael FloreIndirect Maturity Transformation
28.05.2018Joost RöttgerPublic Policy with Sovereign Risk
04.06.2018no seminarno seminar
11.06.2018Cornelius SchneiderRevealed Preferences for Capital Taxation: Periodical Wealth Tax vs. Estate Tax
18.06.2018Paul SchemppOn the financing of loss-absorbing claims: Financial markets, short-term debt, and information contagion
25.06.2018Marius Vogeltba
02.07.2018Matthias KaldorfSovereign Debt Management when Government Bonds Serve as Collateral
09.07.2018Jonas Löbbingtba
16.07.2018Anna Hartmanntba